Commissione Europea 7th Framework Programme Presidenza Del Consiglio Dei Ministri


ASDO is a non-profit research organisation based in Italy, specialised in the study of contemporary knowledge-based societies from a gender perspective. By systematically introducing gender in the study of dynamics characterising the labour market, political and social life, scientific research, technological innovation and other spheres, ASDO is trying to bridge the gap in the interpretation of transformations under-way in contemporary societies world-wide and to promote a greater awareness of the female potential and the obstacles to its full deployment. Such obstacles imply the risk of a waste of valuable human resources for the development of their respective countries. The knowledge base produced through research has also enabled ASDO to carry out training initiatives and support tests geared to promoting a greater participation of women in economic, political and social life, also as regards leadership positions. ASDO is member of the European Platform of Women Scientists. ASDO has the special consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council. ASDO has been pursuing the following research lines: Women’s social action (study of women’s social action and collective action for the transformation of contemporary societies); Gender, welfare and social exclusion (research on risks of social exclusion of women; action-research study on work family conciliation and family policies); Women’s training needs when returning to the job market (training needs, skills, experience and expertise of women); Women and politics (obstacles to women’s full participation in political life); Women and leadership in the working world (women’s careers and leadership).Women and science (analysis of the scale of women’s vertical and horizontal segregation in scientific research institutions and their underlying segregating factors; assessment of measures adopted to fight gender gap in science; study of conditions to ignite structural transformations towards gender equality in research institutions and dynamics of change while occurring); Epistemology, theory and methodology of the social sciences. Under the 7FP,ASDO carried out the projects PRAGES “Practising Gender Equality in Science”,WHIST “Women’s Careers Hitting the target: Gender Management in Scientific and Technological Research”, andTWIST “Towards women in science and technology”, and is currently implementingthe project STAGES “Structural Transformation to Achieve Gender Equality in Science”.

Technical Assistance

ASDO is supporting the Department for Equal Opportunities – DPO in designing and implementing European projects on gender in science since 2007 (see PRAGES, WHIST and STAGES).
The main role of ASDO in TRIGGER, started far before its funding by the EC, concerns the technical assistance to and the evaluation of the five Action plans under way in as many countries, as well as the implementation of an accompanying research, geared at formalising the lessons learned and taking stock of the project results, through the construction of a shared view of the structural change process, in cooperation with consortia implementing similar projects, and drafting final Guidelines.
The approach of such central activities is based on the constant monitoring of the Action plans; the promotion of mutual learning processes among the partners; the active participation of all partners; a sort of “principle of economy” and optimisation, geared at avoiding duplications, and minimising unnecessary internal bureaucracy.
Several tools have been devised to the aim of sustaining an effective implementation of the Action plans, i.e. on-site visits, periodic plenary meetings in presence and at a distance, bilateral and joint monitoring sessions, a project Intranet.
Moreover, ASDO supports the other partners in the detailed planning of all project activities and cooperates with the DPO in the monitoring and quality assessment of TRIGGER as a whole.