Commissione Europea 7th Framework Programme Presidenza Del Consiglio Dei Ministri


As an institutional office, the Minister for Equal Opportunities was established in 1996. The following year, in 1997, the Department for Equal Opportunities was set up at the Italian Presidency of the Council ofMinisters.

Within its competences, the Department for Equal Opportunities promotes and coordinates the Government actions to support women’s human rights and personal rights in general, prevent and eliminate all forms of discrimination, combat violence against women, exploitation and trafficking in human beings, as well as all violations of the fundamental rights to the integrity of the person and the health of women and girls.

The Department also coordinates the activities carried out by all other Public Administrations for the prevention, assistance and protection of children against sexual abuse and exploitation, as well as all actions concerning the fight against child pornography. Furthermore, the Department for Equal Opportunities is responsible for the guidance, proposal and coordination of regulatory and administrative initiatives in all fields relating to the development and implementation of equal opportunity policies, the collection and organization of information, also through the creation of specific databases, the promotion and coordination of survey, verification, monitoring, training and information activities on equality and equal opportunities.

The Department also coordinates all relations with State, regional and local authorities, as well as with bodies operating in the field of equality and equal opportunities both in Italy and abroad, particularly with the European Union, the United Nations, the Council of Europe, OSCE and the OECD, and adopts all the necessary measures to ensure the representation of the Italian Government in international relations and within national and international agencies working in this sector, also through the appointment of representatives.

The Department for Equal Opportunities is composed of the following Directorates General:

– Office for General and International Affairs and Interventions in the Social Field;

– Office for Interventions in the field of Equality and Equal Opportunities;

– Office for the Promotion of Equal Treatment and the Elimination of Discrimination based on Race

and Ethnic Origin (UNAR)