FESTA-GARCIA Joint Final Conference

The overall theme of the FESTA-GARCIA final conference was “Women in Science”.

This conference represented an extraordinary occasion for a thematic comparison of the actions taken in the same areas of intervention within “women in science” by two of the major 7FP EU-projects on gender equality (awareness raising, change organizational culture, deconstructing excellence, gendering research, education, communication and decision making, etc.). Extensive space was given to a detailed presentation of the GAPs (Gender Equality Plans) developed by the GARCIA project and the specific measures adopted at each institution involved in FESTA towards a real organizational change. In this background a broader debate was launched to reflect upon the future of successful gender equality projects in the EU and beyond.

The conference took place in Brussels, on November 7th-8th, 2016, at the Auditoire Central Maisin, Université Catholique de Louvain, Campus Bruxelles Woluwe, Place de l’Alma, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert.


For more information:
about the conference:  http://festagarcia.fbk.eu
about FESTA www.festa-europa.eu
about GARCIA http://garciaproject.eu