Gender Summit Europe 4 – Europe 2014

The Gender Summit 4 – Europe 2014 (GS4EU) will bring together experts from research, industry and policy to consider gender research evidence and the ways of improving the quality and impact of research and innovation through the inclusion of gender in science knowledge making and application.

Gender Summits are aimed at supporting research and innovation excellence and efficiency at all levels, through the inclusion of a gender perspective.

The Gender Summit 4 – Europe 2014 will deal with strategies, tools, and processes to encourage the real integration of gender equality into the European Commission’s current programme “Horizon 2020”, as well as in the European Research Area programmes. The Summit will focus on the role of gender and how gender should be included in some of the major topics dealt with in Horizon 2020, such as personal health, water resources, energy, environment, transportation.

The key aim of GS4EU is to promote a standards-based and systematic operationalization of gender in research and innovation process as a core quality condition in study design, research content, and processes, in order to foster smarter, sustainable, and effective European science endeavour.

The topics which will be included in the agenda of the event will be based on the challenges identified in the EC Europe 2020 strategy, and in particular on health, ageing, energy, environment, climate change, as well as more specific topical objectives of the Horizon 2020 programme.

The main objectives of GS4EU are:

•Improving the quality of research and innovation content, process and practice;

•Enhancing the effectiveness and socio-economic impact of research and innovation;

•Ensuring the effectiveness of research and innovation policy;

•Securing efficient R&D human capital.

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