Mentoring programs: A tool to develop gender equality, diversity, internationalism and interdisciplinarity in research and academia

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Eument-net (a network of mentoring programmes promoting women’s careers in academia and research) organizes a workshop, which will take place on 23rd – 24th November 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic.


In this regard, they also launched an Open Call for all coordinators of European mentoring programs supporting gender equality in research and academia. The goal is to renew their former cooperation and network of contacts and establishing new ones. Interested people can submit abstracts of 500 words max. describing their mentoring initiative (goals, target audience, duration etc.). Abstracts will be submitted online via standardized template (see below).


Mentoring programs represent one of the tools to encourage and develop diversity in scientific institutions. Eument-net aims to strengthen international and interdisciplinary research collaboration through cooperation of individual mentoring programs and foster a gender equal scientific environment. These workshops are an opportunity to discuss future forms of cooperation and exchange, to enhance programs’ or institutions’ range of services for researchers and academicians, especially women, and to reflect on mentoring as a career development tool for women and other underrepresented groups in research and academia.


The eument-net workshop will also be useful for those who are new to the field but are interested in improving the professional development of research and academic staff at their institution, setting up mentoring program/s and/or applying for cultural and institutional change projects, e.g. in H2020. The eument-net workshop provides an opportunity for specialists in staff development and representatives of HR departments of research and academic institutions to exchange with experienced coordinators, be inspired, seek advice, make contacts and find prospective project partners to cooperate with. Those interested in applying for eument-net membership are invited to attend the general assembly on 24th November.


The deadline for online form submission is 15 June 2017. Coordinators of mentoring programs can submit their abstract here.


The workshop is open also for those who did not begin with mentoring at their institution yet. For this group is registration open here: The deadline for registration is 15 October 2017.


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